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Printing on canvas | Briefly

Printing on canvas in great demand in the outdoor advertising and interior. With this type of printing, you can make real pictures, which is why this type of printing is often called the "printing of pictures." Canvas give any image a pleasant warmth and a special depth rendering. For the large-format printing, we use only high-quality canvas and paints, which will make your picture beautiful and durable.

Printing on canvas, as decoration

Holst called special fabric on which the paint pictures. Previously he served as a canvas, linen or hemp fabrics. The fabric was a plain weave yarn, i.e. they are perpendicular to the thread, alternately in one overlaps. Now, as before, everyone wants to decorate their home or place of work. All so many people want to make a good impression on others. Of particular value will be considered as a decoration, if it is unique and unique. Well, in today's world of options such adornments abound. It is not necessary to buy expensive paintings, written by the great masters, you can simply print their work ... on the canvas! More unique is the decoration, if not printed on canvas painting has long been known to everyone, and good photo from the family album, and even in large format. In terms of design looks very attractive photos, pictures, posters, copies of paintings in the interior, if they are printed on canvas. Canvas give any image a kind of pleasant atmosphere, a special prominence and mystique. You want to make a unique and unique gift? Make a gift by printing photos on canvas! Photo printed on canvas large format, will be an indicator of your originality and creativity.



Price, UAH.

per 1 sq.m.

15 sq.m.






Tightening on the stretcher



Photo report printing on a canvas:

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