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Advertising | Briefly

We printed a huge number of large format products to our customers. And we often encounter cases where the customer is necessary to successfully place the printed large-format advertising. Naturally, that while advertising was effective and rent of advertising surfaces as low as possible. And we provide the service razescheniya advertising in Kharkov, which has a low cost and high efficiency.

Advertising on billboards

How do we manage to place large-format advertising on billboards, at a price that is lower than the advertising market in Kharkov? The thing is that for a long time our work, we were able to set their own billboards, which are now leased to advertisers city of Kharkiv. If necessary, they kindly accommodated our advertisements or advertising of our customers at a lower price than normal for such services take in the city. In addition, it is possible to place a large-format advertising on billboards of our partners, and the price for such services will also be lower than usual. But here's the secret of reduction of price that many advertising companies and advertising agencies of the city of Kharkiv actively use our services large format printing for a long period of time. And since they are our regular customers and their orders are different from the rest of a much larger area of ​​print, we will provide them with significant discounts for large format printing products. These advertising companies and agencies are our partners, and in turn, give us discounts for our advertising and advertising our customers on their billboards. And in the course of such a mutually beneficial cooperation, we can afford to provide services advertising on billboards at a low price.

Advertising on citylights, transport and buildings

As in the case with billboards, our partners provide us with an opportunity to place our advertising and advertising our customers on citylights, transport, and buildings of the city of Kharkiv at low cost. And for the same reason we can afford to provide services advertising on all these kinds of advertising planes at a price slightly lower than the market price.

The price of advertising

Since we provide services for the outdoor advertising, mostly in their own promotional planes, and the planes of our partners, we can not specify the exact price for this type of service. After all, the price depends on the type and location of an advertising plane side direction, the placement period, seasonal discounts. Therefore, the best option to know the prices for our services of advertising - is to contact us in the most convenient way for you. Our manager will know you have all the requirements for the placement of advertising and offer the most successful variants with specific price.

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