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Printing on paper

Printing on paper

Printing on paper | Briefly

Print on paper - kind of large-format printing, which is used in outdoor advertising. Printing on paper is used when the advertising period is not long, it will always be indoors or paper protected from atmospheric phenomena. On billboards and citylights, where advertising is only valid for a month, it is very often used paper. A distinctive feature is the low price of the material and of the press.

Printing on paper | Details

In today's wide-format printing on paper is used when you want to print posters, printing posters, billboards or print. Agree, plain paper will not differ high durability. But in order to enhance the durability of advertising, which is printed on paper, large format printing using special inks which are inherently resistant to ultraviolet rays and atmofernym precipitation. Also, there is always the possibility of printing on paper of increased strength. The standard version of the application Banners and posters as advertising - is placing them indoors. If you must use paper-based advertising on the street, be aware that the average life of such advertising is about 1 month. That is why printing on paper best suited for short-term advertising campaigns.

Printing on paper | Print citylights

Citilayts have long been the best platform for advertising. Typically, they use special paper Backlit, which has many advantages. This white paper on the adhesive base, which has the ability to light scattering. At such clearance in the paper it passes about 40% of the light, which is why it is popular as a medium for light boxes.

Printing on paper | Printing of billboards

On billboards, a special paper, called "Blue back side" (Blue Bey side). Its main difference is the increased strength, opacity and water resistance. Naprozrachnost this paper is carried out due to a special coating the back side, which is blue in color. Therefore, this paper advertisement image can be pasted directly on the old ad, even if it has a colorful, bright or dark colors. No gaps, distortions thus will not be observed. In addition to these properties, the paper has a special moisture resistant coating, and the most successful application it will be on billboards at short promotional campaigns.

The price of printing on paper


Price, UAH.

per 1 sq.m.

15 sq.m.


Paper luminal "Backlit" (width 1.6 m)




Citilayts 1.2 x 1.8 m




Paper "Blue back" (width 1.56 m, Poster 3 x 6 m)




Paper "Blue back" (width 1.56 m)



🌆 Where exactly is paper used in outdoor advertising?

Billboards, citylights + other structures, where the term for placing an advertising proposal is not long (maximum 1 month). With such a time frame, the lower the cost of the advertising material, it is better there, and paper is the cheapest solution here.

🔷 What are the features of Blue Back paper and where is it used?

Blue Back paper is intended for use on billboards - it has a blue reverse side, which makes it impossible to see through the old advertising material if the paper was pasted on top of it with a second layer.

💎 What are the features of translucent paper and where is it used?

Translucent paper is intended for use on citylights and other advertising structures with internal illumination, when it is necessary to let in part of the light, adding brightness "from the inside" of the printed image.

💰 What is the price of printing on paper in RaketaPrint?

The price of printing on paper in RaketaPrint is easily calculated using the calculator for large format printing which can be found on our website. By the way, there are separate prices for billboard and citylight formats.

Photoreport prints on paper: