A raster file in the TIFF format, color palette CMYK.

Vector file in the format CDR, the color palette CMYK.

Fonts must be converted to curves.

Dimensions and resolution of files.
The file is being prepared on a scale of 1:1 with permission 65-150 dpi.


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Printing on fabric

Printing on fabric

Printing on fabric | Briefly

Printing on fabric used in outdoor advertising and interior. With this type of printing can you arrange stalls, make interesting souvenirs and flags of the states, companies or firms interested to design the interior. Printed on fabric image, you make it bright, vibrant and durable. If necessary, you can always upgrade the product, wash and iron the fabric.

Printing on fabric | Application

This type of services as printing on fabric, very popular in Kharkov and Ukraine. On the fabric, you can print anything you want, such as a banner for design exhibitions, television and theater sets, posters, flags, story photo backgrounds, souvenirs... And the main advantage of these products can be called easy to use and transport.

Price printing on fabric


Price, UAH.

per 1 sq.m.

15 sq.m.


Flag fabric



🎪 Where is the fabric used?

The fabric is used in the design of exhibitions, interiors of companies and firms, in television or theater decorations, for posters, flags, souvenirs, etc.

🚚 What are the benefits of fabric?

The fabric is convenient during transportation, as well as during assembly / disassembly, it attracts more attention. It is quite durable, and if it gets dirty it can be easily cleaned by washing and ironing.

🏁 What does the image look like on fabric?

Compared to a banner, the image on the fabric looks lively and brighter, the details are much more visible, and the color appears even richer.

💰 What is the price of fabric printing at RaketaPrint?

The price of printing on a banner in RaketaPrint can be easily calculated using the calculator for large-format printing which can be found on our website. There, by the way, you can see the cost of overruns, which is calculated based on the width of the roll.

Printing on fabric: