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Making Lightboxes

Lightboxes Kharkiv

Making Lightboxes

Light boxes (light boxes) - the most popular form of outdoor advertising in Kharkov. The hallmark of the lightbox is an inner glow, so it attracts the attention at any time. Lightbox often called internally illuminated sign, and indeed it is, because the light that passes through the film or banner to the light, even light makes all the advertising image.

Making internally illuminated signboards

Lightboxes has long been widely used as a form of outdoor advertising, since they have a relatively low cost and fairly easy to manufacture. Moreover, a successful combination of uniform light source and special films, through which passes the light and illuminates the advertising image from the inside, rather strongly attracts people's attention. Such signs with internal lighting in the modern world has long become a necessity in the outdoor advertising shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping centers. In conjunction with a properly developed design Lightbox easily be able to create an additional stream of people, many of whom will become your customers. It is noteworthy that the lightbox can be not only a standard rectangular shape, but difficult to implement, a wish Zagazig, its appearance. It consists of a box with Lightbox hidden in a light source. Due to the simple form lightbox can be any size, from small signs to promotional luminous facade of a large building. And to create high-quality and competitive light box must carefully pick up the necessary materials, technologies and design, as well as full compliance with all standards of production design. All this is feasible for us, because our employees are considered to be qualified and have extensive experience in manufacturing of light boxes in Kharkov, and throughout Ukraine.

Production Light boxes

There are different kinds of light boxes, we take a brief look at our website. Boxes made of aluminum profile, as a rule, have a metal or aluminum frame to frame which uses a special aluminum profile. There are also boxes of profiled metal or galvanized sheet, which are used for extra protection against corrosion. Facing such a light box is made with a special machine that can bend the material. For the formation of the front surface can be used a special plastic, glued film profillirovannye sheets or conventional banner cloth provided with pre-tensioning elements (when you want to make the price cheaper lightbox). Figured boxes - boxes of any shape is different from standatrnoy rectangular. The shape of the lightbox can be of circular, triangular and oval to more complex forms of what the client wishes. Very often the basis of a light box is used the logo of the customer. Light boxes are typically made enormous size with a special banner fabric tensioning system that results in a perfectly flat and perfectly illuminated surface. There are also boxes that are perpendicular from the front of the building. Call them the panel-mounting brackets, this is essentially the same light boxes, but they differ mount. The final form of the Lightbox, which is worth knowing, it Lightbox special "otschёlkivayuschimsya" profile. It is very convenient to have such a box harkter seasonal promotional information, which can easily be changed without disassembling kostruktsii Lightbox, but simply "otschёlknut" its front surface of the panel and change the information.

Price of manufacturing lightbox

Price is calculated individually manufacture light boxes. After all, we need to calculate a number of factors that affect the value, ranging from materials to the time of manufacture. Therefore, the best option to know the price for the lightbox - is to contact us in the most convenient way for you and describe what you need. Be assured that our prices are low, as in all the years of work that we produce outdoor advertising, has formed close ties with suppliers who provide us with components and materials with huge discounts, our experts will spend a minimum of time for the production of pillars without compromising the quality, and we have all the necessary base of any manufacture light boxes on the spot.

Rectangular Acrylic Lightbox with PVC Side

Rectangular Acrylic Lightbox with PVC Side

Price from 3800 UAH

Round acrylic lightbox with PVC side

Round acrylic lightbox with PVC side

Price from 4300 UAH

Rectangular Acrylic Lightbox with Composite Side

Rectangular Acrylic Lightbox with Composite Side

Price from 4500 UAH

Round Acrylic Lightbox with Komrozite Side

Round Acrylic Lightbox with Komrozite Side

Price from 5200 UAH

🏪 How are lightboxes used in outdoor advertising?

Lightboxes can be used as signs, indicating the name or logo of the store. Also in the form of billboards, somewhat similar to citylights, where you can change ads without any extra effort, which is important for promotional offers or seasonal goods.

💎 What are the advantages of lightboxes?

Lightboxes attract the attention of passers-by very well. The light that passes through the translucent material on which the advertising image is printed makes the colors bright and saturated. The lightbox is visible from afar at any time of the day.

🌻 What are the features of lightboxes?

Lightboxes are quite versatile designs - they can be dismantled and moved to another place, it is easy to change the advertising image in them or improve with additional lighting. To save on budget, parts of one lightbox can be used to produce another.

💰 What is the price of a lightbox from RaketaPrint?

Цены на лайтбоксы стандартных размеров круглой и прямоугольной формы представлены на сайте. If you need an unusual shape, other sizes or additional materials - call us, we will calculate and name a specific price.

Making Lightboxes: