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Printing One Way

Printing One Way | Briefly

Printing One Way - kind of large-format printing, where the image of advertising applied to a special film "One way vision". It used this type of large-format printing at the window dressing and transport. With one hand on the film clearly shows the printed image, and on the other hand, the human eye can not focus on it and sees "through a" blogodarya black color and small holes.

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One way vision (He Wei Vision) - a perforated vinyl self-adhesive base, which has a significant light transmission. Basically, it is used for advertising in the shop windows, office windows and glasses private or public transport. Printed advertising image on the film he wei using a wide-format printer. The film he wei looks like an ordinary adhesive tape, but it is possible to see a lot of small holes. When printing on it wei paint is applied to the upper layer and a white film on the substrate at the same time, thanks to the perforated holes. When pasting a transparent surface, the substrate comes unstuck, and only the top layer of the film. Because the black holes and reverse side of the film, it acquires unique properties. On the one hand (eg from the street), the surrounding people will see the advertising image as the human eye will not notice small holes and perceive the picture as a continuous film. On the other hand (eg in the office), people do not see the advertising image as the eyes can not focus on the film because of the holes, and eventually people will see through the film on the street. Transparent poverhnst thus becomes as if tinted. After printing on the film he wei, it remains to pass to 60% of light. Not surprisingly, this film is so widely used in advertisements on buses, trolley buses and trams, shop windows and the windows of the premises.

Printing One Way | Capabilities

Printing on film he wei provides many additional features your advertising. Papered with a film window of a shop, you will receive excellent advertising to potential customers on the one hand windows, on the other hand will showcase a toning effect, which favorably perceived by employees. You can create mobile ads, if you put the film One way in the vehicle, or be able to reach a wider audience, if you advertise on the windows of solid shopping center or other buildings.

Price printing on One Way Vision


Price, UAH.

per 1 sq.m.

15 sq.m.


Film One Way Vision



Printing One Way:

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