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Printing on the grid

Printing on a grid

Printing on the grid | Briefly

Printing on the grid - a kind of large-format printing, wherein the carrier is a printed image banner or vinyl mesh. Initially, the grid is used to cover large areas of facades. In the reconstruction and construction of buildings Net retains dust, and her image is printed on the layout of the facade inform others about the future form of the building. Now press on the grid is widely used in outdoor advertising.

Printing on the grid | Details

Vinyl and mesh banner is considered sufficiently high strength material, the main features of which can also be called a small weight and the ability to transmit light. Due to its structure, namely a carefully selected aperture size, the thickness of the yarn and a special way of weaving this material with proper mounting minimally susceptible to mechanical effects of wind, temperature fluctuations, humidity and UV radiation. In practice, the service life of the image advertising, which is applied to the net with the help of large-format printing, equal to 1-2 years. You agree that it is good enough to offer to advertise your company. In addition to decorative functions, whose main purpose is to disguise the facades of buildings that are being repaired or restored, the city street grid to protect against dust and dirt, which are inevitable during the construction works. Thanks to all the listed properties, mesh is widely used in a variety of construction sites in large cities.

Printing on the grid | The use of the outdoor advertising

The main goal of any advertising campaign - to be as efficient as possible. And large format printing on a grid, with a successful application, will make an effective advertising. Good visibility of advertising and its large size, in addition to the low cost of the material and print only contributes to this. And if your advertising has a striking design, it will undoubtedly attract the attention of potential customers. If you order a print on a grid with us, you get the result very quickly, because we have all the necessary equipment and qualified staff with extensive experience.

Price printing grid


Price, UAH.

per 1 sq.m.

15 sq.m.


Mesh Banner (width 3.2 m)



⚒ Why do you need to print on a banner grid?

The most popular application of a banner mesh with a printed image is to hide the facade of a building during its renovation / reconstruction. It is also very often used in outdoor advertising, namely in large stretch marks on the ends, facades and in front of windows.

⚠ Why is a banner grid better than a regular banner?

It has less weight and windage, which makes it possible to make the entire advertising structure simpler and cheaper. Also, the banner mesh transmits light, which makes it a good solution when placing advertisements in front of building windows.

⏳ What is the service life of the banner mesh?

According to our data, the service life of a banner mesh with an advertising or decorative image printed on it, if correctly installed, is 1-2 years.

💰 What is the price of mesh printing in RaketaPrint?

The price of printing on a banner in RaketaPrint can be easily calculated using the calculator for large-format printing which can be found on our website. There, by the way, you can choose the processing of edges, the installation of eyelets, and see how this affects the final price.

Photoreport prints on the grid: