A raster file in the TIFF format, color palette CMYK.

Vector file in the format CDR, the color palette CMYK.

Fonts must be converted to curves.

Dimensions and resolution of files.
The file is being prepared on a scale of 1:1 with permission 65-150 dpi.


Printing on film

Printing on film

Printing on film is very widely used in large-format printing. Printing on the film implies a print on self-adhesive film, which is called "Oracal". We use high-quality films, which produces the German manufacturer "Orafol". There are matte and glossy film. To print on the film, we use high-quality ink.

Printing selfglue

Consider the type of printing, which is becoming popular and more popular with each passing day - printing on the film (printing on orakale prints on selfglue). This is one of the most economical and popular types of printing for promotional purposes. The printed image is applied to the film large-format printer. Resolution image on the film is sufficiently high in comparison with other types of printing. Printing selfglue often used in outdoor and indoor advertising, rather successful film fits and design of homes and offices. The film is called "self-adhesive", because it has a special adhesive layer, with the aid of which you can quickly and securely attach the film on any surface. As a result, the customer receives a high quality product, resistance to the environment and durability.

Printing on Oracal

Printing oracal - a type of print film. But many people have long called any film orakalom. The fact that the most popular vinyl film presently manufactured by "Oracal". And since she first appeared on our advertising market, and it was very cheap and quality, its name is "stuck" to all self-adhesive film. H Currently, manufacturers of self-adhesive films very much, but the company "Oracal" not losing ground. Printing orakale applicable to different types of indoor and outdoor advertising. Since printing on orakale highest resolution and quality, the image turns bright, sharp and rich. Now there are many different types of film, but the film-oracal remains the most durable and resistant sranitelnye at a low price, allowing you to keep a presentable form of advertising even when the precipitation, temperature and other adverse environmental factors.

Price film printing


Price, UAH

for 1 sq.m.

from 15 sq.m.

Self-adhesive matt / glossy film (Europe)


Width 1,00 - 1,6 m




Photo quality (1440 dpi)



Photoreport prints on film:

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