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Printing on wallpaper

Wallpaper printing

Printing on wallpaper | Kharkiv

Printing on wallpaper is a form of large-format printing that does not much concern outdoor advertising, but, nevertheless, it is quite popular and takes a significant share of our orders. Of course, you can print on your wallpaper your image for promotional purposes and use them, for example, at the exhibition, but such cases are few, compared to printing wallpapers for the interior of a house or apartment. What has won this number of customers this type of large-format printing?

Printing of wallpaper

Firstly, it is an opportunity to print wallpapers, and use your pictures or any other, for example, found on the Internet. In construction shops, the choice of wallpaper is not as large as it would be desirable, but they are often presented in a small catalog or are available for viewing on the monitor, printed copies less than a hundred and then, they are usually the most popular and it is possible to come across the eyes of visitors, shops and other institutions ... Therefore, to emphasize the individuality of your room, apartment or house with the help of photo wallpapers, you can only order the printing of wallpaper in the studio of large-format printing. Very often there are cases of using your pictures as a model for photo wallpapers. Many who can take beautiful pictures on their own, some of them even print these photos and create photo albums - why not print your best pictures in the form of photo wallpapers and place them in your apartment or at home? The photo shoots through time - you can easily remove it, print a new one and paste it to the wall - so you can easily change the mood of the home, give it the necessary shades and intonations. Quite a lot of beautiful photos of good quality can be found on the Internet - they are also suitable for printing photo wallpapers. If you can not do this - come to our office, our managers will look for a photo of the desired subject from a professional point of view, using such parameters as resolution, color and size, from the photos you like, you can render visualizations if necessary to better determine choice. Still always it is possible to edit a photo in the graphic editor, to replace color of any details that was better harmony of wall-paper with other elements of an interior. Raise the blur, improve clarity and contrast, work with saturation and brightness, apply photomontage - here the limits are limited only by your imagination!

Printing of custom-made wallpapers in Kharkov

Examples of the application of photo wallpapers only in the home interior can be set. In the kitchen you can use beautiful pictures with delicious dishes, the interior of some beautiful and cozy restaurant, in the living room - a landscape of the right mood that can refresh the design of the room, give it a depth and visually increase the size of the room, and for the children's room, on request with cartoon characters, games or comics. As with the usual wallpaper, there is a choice of different bases and textures that will merge in perfect harmony with the surrounding objects of the room. You can choose paper or vinyl wallpaper, and they in turn can have structures such as Venetian, linen, burlap, fresco, plaster, canvas or corduroy.

Photo Wall Mural | Kharkiv

If you need photo wallpapers in Kharkov, please contact RaketaPrint large format printing studio, we have all the necessary production facilities for printing photo wallpapers, and there are also qualified personnel who have worked in the wide-format printing industry for many years. Designers can cope with serious processing of layouts for wallpaper, you want 3D effects to visually break the geometry of the room - they can easily cope with this, as with many other design techniques. The period for printing wallpapers is usually 2 days, you want faster - we always have options to solve such issues individually. We can also send printed wallpapers to any city in Ukraine, which is served by shipping companies. Please!

The price of printing on wallpaper


Price, UAH

for 1 sq.m.

for 15 sq.m.





🚩 How is wallpaper printing commonly used for advertising purposes?

Each company has its own corporate style, in the form of certain colors, shapes, fonts, images, etc., which can also be extended to the interior, for example, in an office, at an exhibition or in a store. Wallpaper printing does just that.

🏡 Is it possible to order wallpaper printing for non-advertising purposes?

Sure! Most of our orders for printing on wallpaper are photo wallpapers for home, various images for the interior, just patterns in the right color scheme that go well with objects inside the room.

🎨 What design techniques are best for printing on wallpaper?

A designer can only determine this in terms of design goals. It is enough to briefly explain what you want to see or feel, and he will already suggest which is better, for example, 3D effects, minimalism or visual expansion of space.

💰 What is the price of wallpaper printing in RaketaPrint?

The price of printing on wallpaper in RaketaPrint is indicated in large-format printing price list of our website.

Photo print on wallpaper: