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Pasting cars

Car wrapping Kharkiv

Pasting cars | Briefly

Pasting of car advertising - a service that is constantly required by our customers. Over the entire period of our staff okleeli a lot of cars, buses, trolley buses and trams, as well as some special modes of transport. Extensive experience of our employees allows us to perform a quality installation of advertising on the cars of any kind, because of what the life of an advertising image is the maximum possible.

Pasting cars | method of application

Pasting of cars by application is considered the most common in Kharkov on cars. For this purpose, high-quality self-adhesive vinyl film with which the plotter cut images and text. Next, these fragments are glued to the car, which is prepared in advance for the installation of advertising, according to the pre-designed layouts. All installation work will serve as advertising experienced staff that will use advertising on transport as long as possible, and at the correct dismantling of advertising on the cars there will be no trace of her placement. The maximum period of use of such advertising on transport is 1 - 2 years.

Pasting cars | Large format printing

Pasting of car films, which previously applied image by advertising large format printing is typically used when you need to cover a large area of transport or use full-color photographic illustrations in the image. For this installation cars and carefully prepared and glued by an experienced overrun. The maximum period of use of such advertising on transport sostalyaet to 3 years.

Pasting cars | cost

The price for this type of service is always calculated individually. It is necessary to take into account the coverage area, the method of gluing and type of materials used. To know the exact price for this type of service - contact us in the most convenient way for you and let the data needed for pasting cars.

🚗 In what cases is car wrapping used?

Car wrapping is a very popular service used by both the business sector and individuals. For the first, this is an opportunity to use a fairly successful mobile advertising space, for the second - to make the car more attractive by individualizing it in their own way.

🔖 How is auto pasting with advertisements?

Near our office or with a visit to the client, taking care of acceptable environmental conditions, the car is prepared for the installation of advertising (washing, degreasing, drying), after which our specialists paste over the surfaces, according to the layout approved with the designer.

🎩 Is it possible to paste over a car with advertising yourself?

You can, and there are many videos on this topic on the Internet. But we should mention that if there is no experience with self-adhesive films, then you can not only stick poorly, but also damage the paintwork of the car.

💰 How much does car wrapping cost?

Car wrapping is always calculated individually. The price depends on the advertising area, the complexity of the work, the amount of materials used, and sometimes the weather conditions. Send the layout to us by mail - we will quickly calculate everything and name the price.

Photo-papering cars: