A raster file in the TIFF format, color palette CMYK.

Vector file in the format CDR, the color palette CMYK.

Fonts must be converted to curves.

Dimensions and resolution of files.
The file is being prepared on a scale of 1:1 with permission 65-150 dpi.


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Cutting plotter

Plotter pruning

Cutting plotter | Briefly

Plotter cutting (cutting plotter) - is the process of cutting out text or image on the self-adhesive vinyl films. After cutting out the image data or text easily and securely transfer the paste on a smooth surface. Suitable for cutting plotters registration of windows and shop windows, car pasting, manufacturing pillars, plaques, markers, signs and other smooth surfaces.

Cutting plotter | Process

On a computer that is connected to the cutter, a file is created, which shows the necessary drawings or text. Since this file is sent to the cutting of the plotter, which is already filled with the necessary film, each figure or text that has the same color. Carved into films all the images and text, all the excess is removed, the result is obtained stencil or applique. Then all that is transferred to the prepared surface with foil.

Cutting plotter | Cost

Price cutting plotter - 4 UAH / l.m. + Price material.

📃 What is plotter cutting (cropping)?

Plotter cutting (cutting) is a service of cutting various shapes, shapes or text on self-adhesive vinyl films, for its further use as elements of outdoor advertising.

🏪 In what cases is a plotter cutting (pruning) service necessary?

Plotter-cut images, text, or a logo are usually pasted onto shop windows, windows, cars and other smooth surfaces. Also, such elements are often used in signboards, lightboxes, pillars, as part of an advertising structure.

📐 What is the best way to carry out further editing of the cut film?

It is best to turn to professionals for this service (by the way, we have such in our company). This is usually done with careful preparation of the surface for pasting and using a special installation film.

💰 What is the price of plotter cutting (trimming) in RaketaPrint?

Цена рассчитывается исходя из суммы длин реза, плотности плёнки, стоимости материала и доп. работ, связанных с адаптацией макета под технические требования плоттера. Пришлите нам макет, укажите плёнку - и мы всё просчитаем и сразу учтём приятную скидку!

Photo report plotter cutting: