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Manufacturing pillars

Pavement signs Kharkiv

Manufacturing pillars | Briefly

Pillars - a small portable billboard, which refers to a type of mobile outdoor advertising. Usually, it is set close to the advertiser. Using a pillar in the outdoor advertising, you will greatly enhance its effectiveness, all at a reasonable price. Dimensions pillar is usually not larger than 0.6 x 1.3 m. With this compact, pillar becomes a powerful tool for outdoor advertising.

Manufacturing pillars | at length

Pillar - is a mobile media advertising information. Normally it has 2 surfaces on which there is an image advertising. These surfaces are usually made of plastic, galvanized iron or composite. They are connected together by a mobile (folding) or the fixed frame which in turn consists of a thin-walled tubing of various diameters, high quality colored enamel. Image advertising on the working surface of the pillar is typically applied due to the self-adhesive film, which already prizvedena print or through colorful images and text that are cut plotter. It is possible to also set a pillar on the surface, which is very comfortable to write with chalk, for continuous updating of operative advertising information (such as restaurant menus).

Pillar - an active form of outdoor advertising in Kharkov

In Kharkov, Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, many companies carry out their activities in rented premises of large buildings. Many of these firms are not able to establish effective signage, as rooms that they rent, are located deep inside the building. But to set the advertising pillar at the entrance to each firm may, in these circumstances, it would be the most effective outdoor advertising. When visiting trade, remote pillars as essential when they are close to the area of ​​sales and attract many customers.

Price of manufacturing pillars

Price is calculated individually manufacturing pillars. After all, we need to calculate a number of factors that affect the value, ranging from materials to the time of manufacture. Therefore, the best option to know the price of the pillar - is to contact us in the most convenient way for you and describe what you need. Be assured that our prices are low, as in all the years of work that we produce outdoor advertising, has formed close ties with suppliers who provide us with components and materials with huge discounts, our experts will spend a minimum of time for the production of pillars without compromising the quality, and we have all the necessary base of manufacturing any pillars on the spot.


Price, UAH


-shaped pillar (metal painted frame + banner)



 Λ-shaped pillar (metal painted folding frame + banner)



-shaped pillar (metal painted frame + galvanized)



 Λ-shaped pillar (metal painted folding frame + galvanized)


📜 What is a pillar sign?

A pillar sign is a small structure with advertising information (portable billboard), approximately 1 meter high, which can be manually moved by one person. Its surface is a banner or composite, and advertising information can be permanent or changeable.

🏪 Where is the pillar used?

The pavement sign is usually installed near the entrance to the store, its function is, without creating obstacles for passers-by, to attract them with an advertising proposal with a further visit to the store.

📊 How to make advertising on a pillar more effective?

Due to the large number of pavement signs around, the one that compares favorably with the rest will work more efficiently. This is achieved through design, bright colors, the use of interesting structural elements, the possibility of lighting, etc.

💰 What is the price of a pillar sign from RaketaPrint?

Prices for standard pillar designs are presented on the website. Individual design, sizes or non-standard materials are calculated separately - call if you have any questions!

Manufacturing pillars: