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Rental of advertising structures

Sale and rental of brand walls

Rental of brand walls, press walls and photo zones

The RaketaPrint company is engaged in renting or renting various advertising structures, such as brand wall, press wall, photo zones, spiders, etc. While doing advertising and large format printing, serving exhibitions in this direction, holidays, corporate events and other company events, we noticed the relevance similar services for individuals if they are used at weddings, birthdays, proms, etc. If in the first case, companies and firms can afford their own brand-wall, then in cases of using such advertising structures as owners at private events this will not be entirely correct, since their storage can cause inconvenience for the owner. Imagine that you will have a dismantled brand wall of 3x3 meters lying on the balcony, which is not so often used, and some of its details are aluminum tubes 3 meters long ... And using a brand wall on loan will save you from this situation Moreover, in our company it is possible to agree individually on our own transportation, assembly and dismantling of the structure, which is very convenient for such events as weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries and birthdays, where there is so much trouble besides installation these brand-Voll.

Rental a brand wall in Kharkov

Brand-wall has relatively recently become widely used in Kharkov, having been engaged in large format printing for more than 10 years, we have rarely been asked to print a banner for a brand wall, but at the moment brand wall, press wall, advertising spiders and stretch marks, The background for photozones has become so often used that you rarely see an event without using them. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings can hardly do without brand walls with family emblems, photo collages or photo zones as background where everyone can take pictures and thus capture their participation in the event in pixels, keeping their feelings on the photo and emotions. A corporate or an advertising campaign, a press conference or a regular master class - a brand wall or a press wall will be very useful, the whole photo and video will be with the perfect background, there is little chance that someone will get into the frame and the whole design fit into any format and style of the event. Exhibitions of services, goods and even cats, seasonal fairs, the premiere of a film or a book - today everything is accompanied by maximum provision in terms of advertising and design, and advertising structures such as brand wall, press wall, stretch spider and roll-up will always be actual acquisition, both on the property rights, and on the rights of rent.

Rent a brand wall with banner print

Most of our orders - is printing a banner with its subsequent installation on various advertising structures. And it is the banner that is used in the brand walls and press walls, due to which it can be used both outdoors and indoors. The banner withstands deformations, sunlight, mechanical stress, friction - its wear resistance is quite high, the image printed on it does not lose its quality for a long time, it does not take up much space in a roll. Having rented a brand-wall and at the same time printing in your company the layout you need on the banner (also consider the opportunity to use our designer’s services) - and in almost one place you will have a ready-made advertising structure at a rather fast price with all prices ! Working with us directly, you can not come to our office at all - we find out the details by phone, agreeing on layouts via Viber or E-mail, payment by transfer to a card or an account, in this way many Kharkiv residents have already held their events with a beautiful brand wall or photo zone, especially not bothering about the nuances. Take advantage of our services and you!


Price, UAH




Brand Wall (press wall) 2х2 m




Brand Wall (press wall) 3х2 m




Ad Spider (banner) 0,8х1,8 м




Ad Spider (banner) 0,6х1,6 м



For more accurate information, contact our managers in the most convenient way for you.

🚹 What is brand wall?

A brand wall is a collapsible chrome tube structure that is a rigid frame for attaching and tensioning a banner or printed fabric, usually in the form of repeating logos, emblems, or other shapes.

💼 Why are brand walls usually rented in the business sector?

Brand walls are needed for corporate events, at exhibitions, during promotions, etc. It is used as a ready-made background for photography or simply to visually mark an advertising site.

👑 Why do we need brand walls for individuals?

It is popular to use the brand wall at weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other events. On the banner, you can place a coat of arms, a collage of photographs or other symbols that are significant for people, which will add grandeur to the holiday, and an official place will appear where you can successfully take pictures.

💰 How much does it cost to rent and buy a brand wall in RaketaPrint?

You can find prices for renting and purchasing brand walls of various sizes on our website. We tried to make prices in such a way that it was equally convenient both to rent a brand wall and to buy it. If you have any questions or suggestions about brand walls - call!

Photo report on brand walls: