A raster file in the TIFF format, color palette CMYK.

Vector file in the format CDR, the color palette CMYK.

Fonts must be converted to curves.

Dimensions and resolution of files.
The file is being prepared on a scale of 1:1 with permission 65-150 dpi.


Other services


Lamination - a process of coating a variety of printed products a special transparent film. The main purpose of lamination - printing products protect from external influence and minor mechanical damage. Typically, lamination is used to extend the life of printed products, because laminate them, you can add additional resistance to mechanical stress.


Pasting cars

Pasting of car advertising - a service that is constantly required by our customers. Over the entire period of our staff okleeli a lot of cars, buses, trolley buses and trams, as well as some special modes of transport. Extensive experience of our employees allows us to perform a quality installation of advertising on the cars of any kind, because of what the life of an advertising image is the maximum possible.


Installation, sticky

We provide assembly, installation or gluing outdoor advertising. Our professionals have extensive experience in this area of the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. We perform quality installation of advertising kostruktsii, always consider the wishes of the customer, and the highest priority for us during installation of outdoor advertising is always reliability, durability and efficiency.


Cutting plotter

Plotter cutting (cutting plotter) - is the process of cutting out text or image on the self-adhesive vinyl films. After cutting out the image data or text easily and securely transfer the paste on a smooth surface. Suitable for cutting plotters registration of windows and shop windows, car pasting, manufacturing pillars, plaques, markers, signs and other smooth surfaces.


Printing Printing

Here you can order prints of printed products, such as the printing of business cards, calendars, brochures, leaflets, souvenirs ... Our own proizvodstvennnaya base and base our partners can produce many different types of printed products at reasonable prices. Our specialists always offer interesting, effective and relevant solutions to any task assigned to the customer.

Installation of advertising and other services
🏡 What services related to advertising are also popular in Kharkov?

With the manufacture of outdoor advertising, installation is almost always necessary, usually with the dismantling of the old structure. It will not be superfluous to order a plotter cutting for a showcase, windows and an entrance door and print printing with an updated design after updating the store sign

💰 What is the price of additional services for outdoor advertising?

The price of additional and related services related to outdoor advertising is indicated on our website at price list. With an integrated approach to advertising there will definitely be discounts!

🔌 What are the features of mounting outdoor advertising, pasting a car or shop window?

The process may require the presence of a responsible person from the customer, access to the mains and the ability to check the backlight of the sign / showcase using switches in the switchboard, so it is better to check all this for operability in advance.

🎁 What services not related to outdoor advertising can be ordered from RaketaPrint?

For individuals, we have mastered the production of paintings on canvas according to layouts received from customers, and we also rent and sell brand walls for corporate events, weddings, graduations and other events. We also often decorate cars using plotter pruning. If you are interested - call!